On early years of parenting

Month 20 of parenthood.

One of the weird things that has happened is the realization that I still miss certain aspects of the pre-parenthood life, a life of reckless abandon for me. I really really miss the sheer ability to get up and go anywhere, anytime, for any length of time without a thorough plan and schedule.

Parenthood is a different chapter of life. The sheer force with which Parenthood limits ones choices is debilitating at first, but then I realized that a couple of things are coming true for me atleast: one, I was not focused earlier and two, constraints are a blessing for a person like me.

This shift from /fomo/ to focused living is slow but whenever I pause a take note of it, I am so glad I am in this phase of life now. It’s more intentional and when I am at something, I am giving my whole to it.