Book Recommendations

I read a good amount. Here you’ll find some of my recommendations broken down into different genres of work that I enjoy:

Immigrant Life

Books that help me make sense of my and lives of other immigrants in America. In 2020, This is my favorite category and some books I would recommend here are:

The Best We Could Do

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The Lowland

The Good Immigrant

Self Help

Thanks to living and working in technology industry in Silicon Valley, I suffer from incredible imposter syndrome; so I have read tons of self help books. While most were noise, the following were worth my time and I recommend others:


Deep Work

This Is It

Internet & Culture

Consider these books if you work in the tech industry and can’t shake yourself out of thinking about the implications of your work.


Amusing Ourselves To Death

The Shallows

Tech Startups

Startup books were my choice of fiction in my 20s and the ones listed here have all the fireworks 🎇. Grab some popcorn 🍿 and enjoy:


Chaos Monkeys

Hatching Twitter